3 Ways to Gather: Inside, Lobby, Drive-In

What a good season this has been for our church.  In the midst of hardship and general upheaval, God has faithfully grown, blessed and led us each step of the way. Our resurrection day gatherings have been a highlight and steady comfort for the past 12+ months and we remain committed to regularly gathering as a local church to worship Jesus.  We have modified many things about the way we gather while prioritizing the elements that are scripturally required.  Our shared commitment is to bend toward Christ, apply much grace and move incrementally.  

Preaching and leading in prayer and worship is done from inside the sanctuary with live video being shown on two TV screens (Lobby and outside).

-The sanctuary space is set to mitigate virus spread.
  *Windows will remain open.
  *The exhaust fan will be on.
  *Rows will be spaced out.
  *We will keep our shortened liturgy (~60) minutes.
  *Individual communion at your seat.
-The foyer will have seating set for more distanced participation.  The TV will show a live video of the sanctuary stage.
-A 'Drive-In' option is avialable.  Cars will park facing the front doors where a TV will show a live video of the sanctuary stage. 
-Masks will be made available by our greeters (masks are welcome, but not mandatory).
-Nursery for children 3 and under is available.

-GRC Kids (Preschool to 5th Grade) classes are open each Sunday.
-If you are sick or have been exposed to someone with Covid please use the 'Drive-In' option.

We will continue to evaluate the details of this plan.  If you have questions, ideas or would like to help, please contact us.

As the church gathers weekly, it delivers devastating blows to the enemy and his evil work in this world. Thus he will do anything to prevent our gathering. May we straighten our backs and see our Lord push down the gates of hell (Matthew 16:18)!

Tough times are always the churches best times.

To God be the Glory!