Sunday Gatherings 10:30am

Each Sunday morning at 10:30, we gather as a church family to celebrate and worship God together. What you can expect to see when we gather, is a group of people committed to loving God, and loving others like family. Grab a delicious espresso drink and connect with others. When it's time for us to start our 'service', you will see us reading the Bible, which is how we find truth, singing songs, which is one way we respond to and celebrate the truth, praying, which is how we commune with God, someone will preach the good news of Jesus Christ from the Bible, and we will partake of communion, which is where we remember and celebrate all that Jesus has done for us! While worship is not just a Sunday morning activity, we look forward to joining as a community and believe that God calls us as a church body to corporately worship Him together as a family.  

  • First-Time

    We invite you to worship with us, or simply sit and observe as suits your comfort level. Our worship team enjoys a variety of musical styles, just as we celebrate the variety among our congregation. There is plenty of parking, and childcare is available for ages 0-3. Kids classes are for pre-school through 5th grade. Please inquire with the espresso baristas, or follow the kids downstairs upon entering the lobby. Our congregation is "family sized", so don't be surprised if we heartily welcome you! 

  • Teaching

    At Good Roots we do our best to preach the Word expositionally, looking at what scripture says through the lens of the original audience as well as the author’s intention and writing style, keeping in mind that the bible was written for us, but not to us.


    To this end, we preach through the Bible book by book, verse by verse, alternating between books of the Old and New Testaments so that we may come to see, understand, and proclaim what Paul referred to as “the whole counsel of God” when he addressed the Ephesian elders in Acts 20:27.

  • Worship

    We believe that worship is an "all of life" ever present reality for everyone! But a couple of ways we express worship corporately, is by singing and prayer. When we sing, we are responding to, and celebrating the truth about who God is, and what He has done. Prayer is the way we communicate with God, we can speak words of praise and adoration to Him, and rely on His help in times of need for ourselves and others. At Good Roots, we usually sing about 5-6 songs, and pray corporately for our church, our community, and nation and the ends of the earth.

  • kids ministry

    During our Sunday worship service, we offer a nursery for kids 0-3 years old and kids classes for pre-school through 5th grade. Children are also welcome to be a part of our worship gathering and we have coloring supplies and activities in the sanctuary for use during the service.