Our Core Beliefs


We believe that God is fully complete in the person of Father, Son and Spirit. Each person of the Trinity is diverse, individual and distinct, yet inseparable in being. We strive to better understand the true nature of God as we recognize and relate to Him, existing within the fullness of the Trinity. The Trinity is the original and eternal community and continues to act as a perfect model for believers who desire to participate actively in God’s creation.



We live in the tension that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, yet is still to come, it is among us, but coming in the clouds. The Kingdom is what Jesus tells us to seek first. We balance our yearning to be present in and proclaim The Kingdom with the reality of the brokenness around us. The Kingdom is like the smallest of seeds and yet grows into a tree; it is like a little bit of yeast and yet leavens a great amount of flour; it is like a treasure that a man would sell all he possesses to own, and yet belongs to children. Because the Kingdom is active and yet not visible to the world, we strive to reveal it to those around us as we live in the enjoyment of God.



We believe that Jesus is fully God and fully man, the only begotten Son of God the Father. We believe that God the Father sent His son as a loving revelation to a lost world. God reveals His Truth to us through both the Scriptures and Christ as a living incarnation of the Word. We believe the  Bible is a faithful account of God’s story as He pursues His children and seeks to redeem them, and is an invaluable tool for showing us how best to love God, others and even ourselves.



We believe that Jesus died, conquered sin to rise from the dead, and will one day come again. We revel in the good news that Jesus was born a man who,experiencing all the trials and joys of humanity on our behalf took upon Himself the weight of sin, suffered and died as a result, and yet on the third day rose triumphantly, breaking forever the power of sin and death. We live our lives richly and fully, rejoicing in the knowledge that Christ has so freely offered us life abundant and proclaiming this marvelous truth at every opportunity. It is our deepest desire that in joyful service to those around us we might lead them towards this same abundant God-life. We yearn desperately for redemptive transformation in the hearts and minds of our community, both local and international.

Learn through community.

The best way to really know and understand what we believe at Good Roots is being involved in one of our local community groups. Love cannot exist outside of action - which at Good Roots is best shown through our home community groups.

We'd love for you to join a group in your community, and begin connecting with others with the same heart and mission.

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