Serving at Good Roots.


Mission: We endeavor to be part of Christ’s mission to His church, continually seeking out, making, and baptizing disciples. As individuals, families, and church community we are all part of the same journey, growing and maturing as God prunes and nurtures us into the likeness of His Son. Though broken and oftentimes failing, we are confident in God’s grace and at all times seek to share the Gospel with those who do not believe, identifying with them in friendship, loving them in their brokenness and leading them towards a redemptive life with God. Salvation is based on sacrifice. We recognize the costly and oftentimes-painful nature of what God calls us to whether eating with the rich or helping the orphans, widows and aliens. It is impossible to avoid suffering and sacrifice if we want to be more like Jesus, to live a life more abundant, restore our identity within the image of God and live Kingdom lives within a broken, sin-scarred world.

GRC Kids

Volunteers in GRC Kids during weekend worship services through singing, telling stories and teaching the truth of God's Word with the children. They serve in the nursery, check in kids, lead classrooms, and provide assistance to classroom teachers.

We're always looking for great individuals to love and serve our kids, and help show the love of Christ to them during our gatherings. If you're someone who would like to serve, or just know a little bit more about GRC Kids, please connect with us.

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GRC Youth

Youth Group:

Our youth group meets weekly on Wednesday evenings for games, community, teaching and bible discussions. Those serving in our youth group get the opportunity to build and foster relationships with students, ministering to them through the teaching of Scripture, worship and intentional discipleship. 

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Sunday Gatherings

We are currently looking to assemble a hospitality team. A team of people committed to, and passionate about making our Sunday gathering time as welcoming and loving of a place as possible, and also helping to lead our church in new ways of reaching our community and welcoming others into the family of God. If you are interested in serving on this team, or have questions about serving in any other capacity, please contact Jeremiah Shepherd

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Food Bank

Our food bank has been serving our local community since  2000. Open every Saturday, from 10am-12 noon, we provide nutrient-rich food to the lower-income community of Oak Grove.  

Those serving in our food bank have the opportunity to meet and develop relationships with the community while assisting with greeting guests, taking orders, filling food orders. There are also opportunities behind-the-scenes by assisting with food deliveries and pick-ups. 

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State required nondiscrimination statement.

Community Garden

Our Community Garden, which began in 2010, serves the local residents of Oak Grove with organic, non-GMO vegetables and fruit. The garden is open year-round and open to the community. We ask that you give what you can, and take what you need. Those interested can serve by helping with planting, tilling, harvesting and general garden maintenance. 

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Clothes Closet

Our clothes closet is open to the community Saturdays from 9-11:30am. We collect donations from the community through an on-site donation shed, then sort and launder all clothes. Those serving in this ministry have the opportunity to help behind-the-scenes with sorting and laundry as well as fostering relationships with our guests while assisting them in finding clothes that meet their needs. 

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